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Our Services assist with your marriage, life stressors, and child’s behavior.


Play Therapy Services

For children ages 3-12, play therapy provides an open environment where they can express difficulties through the language of play. In the presence of a trained play therapist, children can freely play out their experiences and resolve life challenges from everyday stress to abuse and grief. A responsive and attuned therapist allows children to learn how to change behaviors, develop problem-solving skills, and integrate the experiences of relationships, the development of mind, and the growth of the brain. See the tab on our website titled “What is Play Therapy?” for more information.

Adolescent Therapy

Adolescence is a time of growth, changes, and experimentation. Teenagers often struggle with issues of loneliness, rapid mood changes, formation of new relationships and loss of other relationships, and struggles with the future.  Due to their uniqueness, our therapy approaches are unique to each client. We use a combination of play and traditional therapeutic approaches to best meet each client’s needs.

Caregiver Consultations

Caregivers are the experts on their children. We believe they are a valuable resource for their children in healing and growth. For these reasons, we offer regular check-ins with the caregivers to better understand the family’s perspective of the therapeutic process and to offer support to the familial unit.

Adult Services

Adults will often come to therapy because it can be too vulnerable to show upsets and struggles with those in our lives. Additionally, adults might seek therapy services because it’s helpful to have an unbiased, non-judgmental sounding board to explore possible solutions and differing perspectives. Dr. Parker offers a therapy space that communicates the value of individuality, the belief that the client should lead the way, and the view that the relationship between the therapist and client is the primary vehicle for change. Therapy should feel safe and challenging to promote the change you’re wanting.

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