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Play Therapy Services

For children ages 3-12, play therapy provides an open environment where they can express difficulties through the language of play.

Caregiver Consultations

We offer regular check-ins with the caregivers to better understand the family’s perspective of the therapeutic process and to offer support to the familial unit.

Adolescent Therapy

In Adolescent Therapy, we use a combination of play and traditional therapeutic approaches to best meet each client’s needs.

Adult Therapy Services

Dr. Parker offers a therapy space that communicates the value of individuality, the belief that the client should lead the way, and the view that the relationship between the therapist and client is the primary vehicle for change. Therapy should feel safe and challenging to promote the change you’re wanting.

Who We Are

We offer counseling and play therapy services to children, adults, and couples. Gulf Coast Play Therapy and Family Services, LLC (GCPT) was established to serve residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and surrounding areas. As life-long residents of the Gulf Coast, Infanta and Jaime saw an opportunity to provide unique therapeutic services in the area. GCPT offers high quality play therapy services with stand alone playrooms and clinicians with specialized training in play therapy. Additionally, Jaime offers traditional counseling services to older adolescents, adults, and couples.

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